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Chamberlin Health Care Consulting Group is dedicated to promoting great business relationships between anesthesia groups and their facilities. With the upheaval in medical reimbursement and the constantly changing health care environment, that business relationship is being questioned and attacked by national companies and predatory groups, trying to convince facilities to abandon long term relationships with their dedicated anesthesia providers.

CHCG recognizes the enormous advantage of a healthy partnership between the community based, well established and respected current anesthesia professionals and the facilities they serve. Occasionally this partnership gets stressed and deteriorates. That is where CHCG comes in.

CHCG can help all involved. We facilitate the changes that permit anesthesia groups to become indispensable to their facilities. We help the facility further understand the tremendous value a high functioning anesthesia group brings to the facility’s operative efficiency, safety and bottom line. Anesthesia groups can, and should, be a financial as well as a clinical resource to hospitals and all other facilities they serve.

CHCG is here to ensure anesthesiology-facility relationships excel. If you are a hospital or surgi-center, before you embark on path of financially costly and emotionally difficult change, call us. If you are a group with the desire to improve your performance, value and service to your facility, as well as your security, call us.

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