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Health insurance reform (as opposed to health care reform) in the United States is under tremendous turmoil. But even before reform takes place, today's multitude of health care options can be daunting for even the most sophisticated consumer.

CHCG is ideally positioned to ease transitions and address current health concerns whether they are related to insurance and/or clinical care.

Because of our unique history and position in the medical community, we have relationships with virtually all Bay Area physicians and facilities. This allows us to identify, clarify and rectify most problems associated with patient-provider relationships and other health issue situations.

Specialists (orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists, etc.) are under tremendous pressure to see a maximum of patients in a minimal amount of time. While all of these caring physicians would very much like to spend increased amounts of time with each patient, insurance companies and managed care organizations make it virtually impossible for these doctors to do so.

This is where CHCG can help. We are confident we can get all parties more involved in progressive solutions so that you, as the patient, can address your health concerns in a positive light and see tangible results.

If we feel we cannot help you, there is no charge.



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