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"I am a 23 year old, full time student with a small family. I have suffered from chronic heart disease for 5 years and last November I was hospitalized. For the next few months I spent many nights in the hospital and ended up needing open heart surgery for the second time. With failure to pay, my hospital bills were sent to a collection agency. Needless to say I was emotionally, physically and financially overwhelmed.

I heard about Chamberlin Health Care Consulting Group from a relative and contacted them. When I spoke with Dr. Chamberlin he was eager to help. He immediately called the hospital and had them contact him and not me with all financial issues, and that he was now representing me. He worked continuously with my hospital and ended getting my bills down to a much more affordable amount.

Having Dr. Chamberlin take charge and handle my situation truly let me recover stress free. I am extremely grateful for his service and would recommend Chamberlin Healthcare Consulting to anyone in similar situations or who feels they need help."



Dr. Chamberlin is one of the finest medical professionals I have had the pleasure of seeing. I highly recommend him.

His consulting business is one that fills an ever-increasing need in the medical field. As physicians are under more pressure to increase their caseload, patients are left with unanswered questions and looming concerns, feeling as though on a conveyor belt rather than a treatment table. With Dr. Chamberlin’s help, navigating insurance restrictions, expensive tests, multiple treatment options and often conflicting recommendations become manageable.

As a person, Dr. Chamberlin is extremely approachable, patient, responsive and proactive. Being under his professional care is reminiscent of the days prior to managed care, when a solid, consistent relationship with your medical provider was the rule, rather than the exception.

I truly believe I would not have received the care I needed without his help. I urge anyone who wants to get better, without the undue stress it often takes to get there, to seek Dr. Chamberlin's services.





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